Edited Final Audio Profile

The audio experience for me was a little harder than I expected. I thought it would be easier because I had experience with video editing software from when I was in high school, but audio editing proved to be a little harder than video editing. With video editing, it is easier to keep track where you are because of the visual aid. But with audio editing, its just the audio and that makes it hard to see exactly where you are on a track. I did enjoy the editing because it did take me back to editing video. Once you get a program like Audacity or Final Cut Pro figured out, it can become pretty fun. However, I have not gotten used to Audacity and it was hard for me to remember where everything was located in the program. I was surprised because it was not more similar to video editing that I have done in the past. Before this blog I would have thought editing audio would be the same, but it proved much more difficult for me. I do wish I would have paid more attention while doing the actual interview. There were a lot of things I did not think of until I got to the editing stage. I wish I would have chosen a more quiet place to conduct the interview, because there were a lot of echoing and background noises that made it difficult to amplify the track. Also, I wish I would have spoke and laughed less during the interview. I was always responding to Broklynn’s answers, either verbally or just laughing. That made it very hard to edit space around her answers. And lastly, I wish I would have spent more time playing with the features on Audacity to make my track flow more smoothly. Overall, it was a great learning experience. I can take away a lot of things from this experience the next time I interview someone or edit audio.

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