Audio- Interview with Brooklynn

My interviewing experience went pretty well overall. Brooklynn, who I interviewed, and I were pretty comfortable with each other because we have talked in class before. Even though we knew each other, having an audio recorder in the room changed the dynamics of how we interacted with each other. I think we both changed the way we spoke when we were recording, it was not conversational language. Conducting the interview did not bother me at all, mostly because I was in control of the situation. However, when I was interviewed I was a little bit nervous because I did not know if my responses would sound good and would be the right answer that Brooklynn was looking for.

I did enjoy hearing the responses to some of my questions. Some of her responses would turn into interesting and funny stories. It was when I got responses like those that I would almost forget that I was recording audio. Even getting interviewed was a little fun because I had to explain some things that I don’t usually talk to other about. But, I was nervous when I was being recorded and I think I would have answered questions differently had I not known I was being recorded.

There are a few things I wish I would have done differently. We conducted our interviews in a hall way of the biology science building because there was no one there. This actually turned out bad because of echoing noises. So I wish we would have done the interviews in a small room or something similar. Also, I wish that I could have came up with more on the spot questions that I had not planned. If I would have been able to do that, we could have gone more in depth into different stories rather than staying with the more general questions that I had prepared.


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